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CBC Interview Blowing Bubbles

CBC Interview - Blowing Bubbles - September 12, 2012 Kathleen Cherry - author Listen to sound byte

The Last Six Minutes Recommended Summer Reading

Star Tribune - 2010-04-02 Summer reading is all about escapism, and there's no better escapism than exotic locales. London. Paris. The outback of Australia. The back of beyond. Mars. Some place, in other...

Kid author uses illness as inspiration

New picture book helps children cope with illness and aging

Press Release for I Love to Be Me

Press Release - For Immediate Release

press for I Love to Be Me

Media Advisory - The Micro Meanies

Delay inspires family project

On the Line - Crossroads TV Interview

570 news with Gary Doyle

Happy Birthday to Aaspirations Publishing

A Mom's Story in Surrey North Delta Leader

Book tells a harrowing story

Sandra Martins-Toner on Global BC Morning News

The Last Six Minutes on the Christy Clark show

Aaspirations Publishing

Green Publishing

At Aaspirations Publishing, we use our books and films as a means to an end: to draw attention to causes and issues that may have been swept aside or fall under the radar. At the same time to publish those books that teach and in some way empower us to live up to our values, beliefs and goals and enable us to achieve the full potential of our inner selves.

In collaboration with Eco-Libris, we have committed to planting over 10,000 trees for our picture books. and the number continues to grow.

For most children’s picture books, we plant one tree for every book to offset costs of transportation and production. Whereas our teen books are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper (ancient-forest-free, processed chlorine and acid free paper). If you bought a childrens’ picture book with the 1 tree planted logo on it, click here to claim your tree. Read more on Green Publishing and see proof of planting.

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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

Upcoming Titles

  • Heroine A novel
  • My Time with Daddy
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