Today businesses have found different means of marketing and promoting their products to increase their customer base and make their product widely known and available. Of them one of the most popular marketing means is the use of flyers. However, most of the times in reality these flyers distributed to the customer end up either on the ground, in their bags buried under stuff for months or in the bin! Therefore, to make sure a flyer is read through and the information mentioned goes through to the customer is necessary for it to serve its purpose. And so, this starts from designing an interesting leaflet that people would want to read. Here are some tips to help you with this task.

Have a purpose

You need to first be clear of the purpose that you are trying to achieve through this leaflet. If you are trying to make customers aware of a new product or service you are offering or if it is to create awareness amongst them regarding certain specifics, for their own benefit or if it is a simple event that you are hosting, these factors need to be addressed directly and clearly throughout the flyer. This way you would be making maximum use out of flyer printing services singapore and designing a leaflet that the people would want to go through.

Keep it short

A leaflet is certainly not an equivalent to a newspaper. It is a short form of providing information to your clients and potential clients on certain details. Therefore, including all that you have to say and beyond, is only going to bore the customer making them lose interest from the beginning itself especially if they have a lot to read. So when you are writing up content for these flyers make sure that you keep it simple and to the point.

Emphasize on contrast

Contrast in colors makes anything stand out without much effort. How many have you yourself revisited a poster or read through an entire brochure simply because the contrast in colors caught your eye? Probably more times than you would have even imagined. That exactly is the power of color. So know your colors right and incorporate them in to leaflet that you are designing.


While it is perfectly alright to include a bit more detailed information to make up the space of a flyer, you need to make sure that the point your trying to highlight is given clearly even through a simple skim of the paper. So highlight and emphasize details like the date if it is an event you are hosting, the words FREE, NEW, SAVE and even LIMITED are some words that ought to be focused upon to get the right sort of interest and attention you are aiming at. 

Focus on the above details and design your flyer right! 

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