As we celebrate various occasions such as a wedding, baptismal, company parties or reunions we normally would like to give different giveaways as a way of thanking our guests for being part of the occasion.


It’s nice to shop for souvenirs that will make your guests really happy at the end of the day.  Below are some nice souvenir suggestions that you can give your family and friends and coworkers:


Weddings:  Planning a wedding costs a lot of money and choosing the best items and allocating a certain budget, for the giveaways is also part of the experience. In order for the couple to maximize their budget it is recommended that they start scouting for souvenirs and suppliers 6 months before the actual wedding date. In this way, you can still choose what items to order and work on the costs and estimates. It is important that the couple agrees to the design make and model of the item before deciding to place the order in volumes.

Rather than choosing to give away generic display gifts a lot of couples would like to give practical gifts for their guests such as Wines, Wall Clocks, a pair of flip-flops and other small trinkets that can be used on a daily basis. Just take some time to search for the ideal gift that both of you have been looking for and surely you would find one that suits your budget.


Employees: Companies would like to reward and appreciate their employees for their hard work and dedication in the company. One good strategy is to provide incentives to those top performers. It does not have to be in monetary form you can give personalized company items that they would surely like. Visit customized corporate gifts Singapore and take a look at their wide selection of gift items that can be given to everyone. Choose gifts that are affordable but unique, something that they can use in the workplace. People who get rewarded with Company gift items take pride in their achievement at work.

If you plan to reward a large group or department you can either order company shirts and jackets with their names and department embroidered on the material. Receiving gifts like this one gives the employees a sense of pride and importance in the company.


Baptismal: Baptismal giveaways can be personal and intimate. You can also choose to create DIY gifts which set it apart from the usual known giveaways. There are a lot of websites that give you an idea of what exactly are you looking for.  One good option is to give out personalized USB Sticks to all guests with all the photos taken during the ceremony saved on the device. In some cases, your official photographer may be able to transfer all the photos on the USB sticks and it would be ready for distribution at the end of the reception. You can also give assorted muffins or delicious cupcakes with a thank you note attached to the gift.

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