The field of business is extremely competitive. Whether you are running a retail store, a toy company or even a sock company, you will have plenty of competitors to compete with. That is why you try your best to keep the “secret ingredient” looked up like Mr. Crabs. But, no matter how hard you try there will be business partners or clients who will leak confidential information. This is very common when your business is developing or well established. In these cases you cannot go against such personnel without any legal information or proof. So, how exactly can you prove that these information are not meant to be spreader around like wild fire? A Confidentiality Agreement is the perfect grounds to help you overcome these issues. Here’s when you need to draw up such an agreement.

New Employees

Employees come and go. You cannot guarantee how long a specific person will stay. If given a better opportunity or if they are hired by one of your competitors for a better opportunity they will rarely continue working in your company. Such leavers will put your company’s confidential at risk. There is a high possibility of them leaking important and sensitive information like business details and so. But, if you were to draft up a confidentiality agreement form singapore you can prevent them from leaking such information whether they leave your company or no. SO, when you hire new employees keep this agreement in mind.


Every developing and expanding business requires funds to finance their works and projects. Now, when approaching possible investors you will need an agreement at hand to bring up just in case they accept your offer. Now, this agreement is the confidential agreement. The reason as to why you need it when approaching possible investors is that when such personnel accept your offer and be a part of your company they are entitled to know very confidential information. If they tend to leak such information your company will be at risk. This agreement will prevent them from doing so.


Similar to investors, clients ought to know certain secret information when going into deals or joint business ventures with you. This agreement will forbid them to leak these information. Business is a very tricky field. You put a lot at stake when you start a company. In order to stay high in such a competitive field you will need to ensure all your tricks, plans, goals, targets are safely locked away from your competitors. This agreement will do exactly that. This is your safe.

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