Buying tech gadgets: Tips and advice

Today’s technology is really mind-blowing and anyone would be surprised to find the endless possibilities. There are thousands of innovative ideas being born as we speak and it is quite fun to pursue these modern inventions. Technological advancements have become the future, without a doubt, […]

In the shoes of a developer

We all had an ambition when we were small. In the third grade when you were asked to come in front of your class and talk about your ambition, how many of us are following the same dream that we had back then? Often the […]

How to Maximize Space In Your Apartment

Maximizing space in your apartment seems impossible to do because many landlords don’t allow tenants to conduct renovation and construction works on the unit. Basically, installing more wall shelves, creating built-in cupboards and adding lofts is not an option for you (except if your landlord […]