Although the technology has evolved and we are given an abundance of marketing methods, not most are effective, and some tend to be quite expensive as well. Bulk texting on the other hand is one of the most successful methods that have been in the use for a long time. If you company is looking for cheaper solutions, or even new marketing and non-mainstream solution, this is what you should go for.

But a lot of people still keep making mistakes and it is about time that you make use of this facility in the right way. Hence, we will be going over 4 most trivial yet most sabotaging mistakes that you can ever do with bulk texting for marketing.

  • The sheer length of the message

When was the last time you spent more than few seconds to read a marketing message? That’s right. This is why you need to maintain the ideal length because if not, people won’t read.

  • Lacking the consent controls

It’s 2020 and consent is a real thing. In fact, it always has been but once it invaded the business world, that shape it took was quite new to the community. When you are composing the messages, there is no doubt that you mean no harm and you just want to get the word out and circulating. But there can be people who want it to stop. On the other hand, there can be some customers, who want the service but from a different section. None of these will be doable if there were permission controls.

  • Poor timing

How would you feel receiving all kinds of promotion texts so often to your phone from a certain company that you end up ignoring the texts altogether? There is a fine line between advertising or marketing by the use of bulk sms singaporeand outright spamming. The next thing you know is that your number is getting blocked and that is never a good sign. Hence learn how to limit it; twice during a week at most, timed as needed.

  • Missing the essential details

There is no use of sending all these texts to your potential clients if you were missing the most crucial details in the message. Although there is a fair tendency for a client to go out of his or her way to check for the missing details, most won’t; that’s a missed opportunity. Hence, if it a special offer, make sure to mention the duration, the discount percentage and whatnot, for an instance.

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