Artists and painters have used design elements or principals for over a centenary to demonstrate a certain idea or to create certain visual effects. These elements can be identified as colour, shape, texture to name a few. They are essential in creating a composition that is pleasing.

The same principals can be used in creating any visual design aspect or layout such as in architecture and online platform design. And just like a work of art the composition of the website needs a great deal of attention. This is because it has the ability to impact the experience your site visitors have and thereby impact the overall performance of the site. Let’s look at some of the more important compositional elements in a bit more detail.

  • Contrast: elements that are opposite to each other can be used to create this effect. Essentially colour is the most common option as it allows for great juxtaposition effects to be created. But colour is not the only element that can be use. Shapes, textures and space can also be used to create the same effect. When it comes to your site, make sure you use contrast to highlight important areas such as the name and logo.


  • Balanced picture: this refers to making sure that you give equal importance to the whole picture or layout of the website design, without letting any one item overpower other elements. Some factors to consider under this are; mirror image effect, which is to have content displayed in mirror like consistent manner. Asymmetry is used by creating two sides with the same visual weight. The final factor is radial, which is to have content organised based on a central focal point.


  • Prominence: this is important as it helps to create a focal point for visitors to the site. Most often designers use contrast to create this effect, but there are other elements that can be used as well. This is important especially when you want visitors to take some action. So essentially if it is to purchase some items or subscribe to your content, these should be your focal points.


  • Flow: animated or moving visuals have the ability to grab the attention of the viewer far better than static images. When it comes to visual art, artists use lines and space to create a sense of movements so that the viewer is taken though the whole composition. In web creation too you can use the same principal to create interest and appeal.

These factors taken in to consideration can help you get a great online presence with effectiveness as well.

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