There are many humanitarian groups and individuals in the world that provide much needed service and assistance to the most vulnerable and affected communities of the world. Some are professionals groups while others are family owned foundations. There are of course the other foundations that are based on individuals and their values as well.

One such prominent group in the Asian region is the Dawood Foundation which is based in Pakistan. Originally formed in the 1960’s by Ahamed Dawood it is a much loved and successful family based foundation in Pakistan. Originally it was created to fund education in the country with the aim of fostering studies in the areas of science technology and research, however now it has developed in to a large group with many charitable and development projects under its belts. Let’s look at some of these initiatives.

Disaster relief

With the help and support from Bashir Dawood along with the foundation has been able to procure funds, supplies and volunteer help to provide much needed support and assistance for affected people due to natural disasters and conflict in the region. Distribution of relief goods are distributed with the help of the staff and volunteer students of the schools and education bodies they support.  The students and staff also work together to create relief packages so that they can be easily distributed.

Nature documentaries

The foundation has created several documentaries highlighting the importance of Pakistan’s natural environment. The main aim of these documentaries are to create awareness and love for the countries natural wonders and in turn encourage its citizens to protect and safeguard them. They have also developed them in different languages popular spoken in the country so that they can reach a wider audience.


There have been very popular initiatives in the country with the aim of providing better health care to its people. There have been specialist eye hospitals being established in the hope of preventing and controlling blindness. There have been blood donation drives been organised and also numerous donations made to hospitals and hospitals that educate.


As with the start of the foundation, this has been one of its primary goals. Therefore there are many educational projects that have been completed and some that are ongoing, with the aim of uplifting the standards of learning and teaching in the country. There are also numerous smaller projects such as summer camps and literacy related projects especially aimed at women which are organised.

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