When it comes to hobbies, their main purpose is to provide you with an avenue to vent your stress and frustration of routine work with something that you love and have a great passion for. A hobby is an escape from the reality of the busy schedules and deadlines of jobs to the relaxations of tasks that you enjoy doing. This is why so many people have hobbies of some kind or the other, even if they are not your typical types of hobbies, such as photography, cycling or writing.

As said hobbies are a great avenue to let off the excess stress and to relax. However, it would be foolish to imagine that hobbies are always easy and require little to no effort from you. This is a terrible misconception and something that often lead people to stop a newly started hobby, because they did not understand the dedication and the work load behind a hobby. This is true with many hobbies such as photography where you have to spend a lot of time and money to make sure you become good at it and your equipment is not ruined. You will have to spend money on protecting your cameras cmos sensor socket or other items with air tight boxes and silica gel to keep moss or fungus from growing on them and to also you will have to spend on camera lenses and classes to be able to take the proper picture. Or if it is cycling that you like to do, then you have to spend your time and effort on making sure that your bike is in proper condition and that all the bits and pieces are working properly and are not going to suddenly break and leave you flying head first into a ditch or tree or even off a cliff.

This is why it is important not to underestimate the effort needed for a hobby. Even something as simple sounding as stamp collecting requires a lot of work to make sure that the stamps you get and collect are proper and of the highest standards. You also have to take effort to make sure that you do not damage it and to make sure that time does not degrade them.

This is why hobbies are a time consuming and effort requiring activity and which most people avoided or replace with more lazy hobbies like watching tv or reading a book which requires far less effort and you can do so sitting on your bum. However, these hobbies return far less rewards and are less fulfilling.

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