With the increased digitalization, an online presence has attained a centre stage in many discussions. Due to the spreading of false news and dispersion of questionable viewpoints which can make general public change their assessments of certain incidents, decisions and so much more, this has somewhat seen a reduction of the favourable position web-based resources have. Nevertheless, it is a must when it comes to promoting your products or services.  

Basics of marketing

Marketing is defined in many ways. The American Marketing Association or AMA says it is a way of achieving organizational and individual goals via properly planning and performing various aspects of products or services they offer while creating value for everyone involved. Philip Kotler, a well-known marketing guru has expressed his ideas about marketing as a social and managerial process through which people obtain what they need. This process also involves – creating and trading “value” of products. Expressive and comprehensive these definitions are, how valid they are still, with the current digitalization and platforms available for promoting products and services is a question. For example, even though promotions – advertising, Public Relations or PR, personal selling etc. – is not only what marketing is made up of, it is given a major place; how far are the tools of the bygone era are valid now to fulfill the above objectives?

Newer platforms

Planning was a major part of conventional marketing processes. It was easier to target a six month or a four month – by-yearly or quarterly – plan and stick to it. You can reserve the space in a newspaper, TV or radio programmes and run with the concepts you developed at the onset of the campaign. However, now with information being disseminated so fast, the concepts we developed three or four months, or even one month prior, can be invalid; it could be that the brand ambassador you hired has run out of his or her popularity and there is a new person “in the scene”. Static campaigns such as press ads are a thing of the past when it comes to the fast-moving interests of customers. Even if it is ok to continue with a presence in the mass media, given the time and tide of today’s environment, a web presence is a must. Even the press ad should be able to guide the customers to visit website for more information.

Why a web presence

So why is a web presence this important? The buying cycle is now renewed; earlier it used to be awareness of the need, consideration of the alternatives that are available and after choosing the right one, continuing to purchase it. However, now, the second stage- i.e. consideration of the options, has taken a whole new turn. There is a myriad of options in many products and services and one can always check the internet to see what they are, how much each cost and some even give you a virtual option to try out a product. To compete in this ruthless market, a web presence is a must.

Do not be discouraged by contemplating the cost an online presence would need, if you already don’t have one. It is one of the cheapest marketing methods available in the world now.

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