We as human beings are liable to make mistakes. None of us are perfect. We may hurt each other knowingly and unknowingly. That’s part of life but we also have the ability to correct these mistakes and make up for the wrong we did. Life’s not a bed of roses alone and in a relationship there are going to be things that may be done with no intention of hurting another person and end up doing so. Most of us have a problem with acknowledging mistakes we commit and even if we know that we have flawed it Is so difficult to put aside all of the ego and pride and apologize.

With that being said, apology while most might consider as something trivial is a very deep and heavy word that can make a whole difference. There are certain ways on how you should apologize. First you should know how to take responsibility for your actions. One of the hardest part of apologizing is none of us are ready to take responsibility, but admitting that you have committed the mistake shows that you have understood what you have done and apologizing for it shows that you know the depth of it and you wouldn’t do it again. While apologizing try to avoid the clause if, for example I’m sorry if I have done something to hurt because in its essence it shows that that you haven’t admitted to the mistake and the other person has misinterpreted the whole situation.

If you are in a relationship especially its nice if you can apologize with a flower bouquet, flowers have the ability to instantly to put a smile on the others face and naturally bring sense of peace. You can get a cheap bouquet Singapore  chocolate bar or something to calm the other person down.

It’s always beneficial to confront the other persona and talk over the situation that way you know how the other person interpreted that situation and if that wasn’t what you meant you can explain what you were meaning with that kind of action and words and make that person understand and apologize for hurting them unknowingly and also assure that you will do your best to avoid making the same mistake again.

It’s always known that certain fights with your loved one can strengthen the bond between each other. While that phrase may always be true there are certain situation which can be corrected with proper communication and help understand each other better. Often, we stop talking to the other as soon as a misunderstanding arise but you should understand miscommunication gets no one nowhere, talk and try to resolve the problem.

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