Many people despise going to work. That is because they are employed in high-pressure work environments. This is where competition is encouraged between employees. Furthermore, more often than not employers follow a ‘take no prisoners’ approach. But what employers fail to realize is that this does not increase productivity. Instead, it only makes the employees feel stressed and anxious. Thus, that is why it is important to foster a positive work culture. But many employers think that such a culture would not earn them respect. However, that is not true. That is because when employees are happy they will respect you and the company.

Listen To The Employees

Nothing de-motivates an employee than the feeling that they are not being heard. This is something that great leaders such as   teo yen koon desmond   understand. Furthermore, they also know that listening means not only listening to their ideas. Instead as an employer, you should also listen to any problems the employees may have. That is because if they are unhappy they are unlikely to do a good job. Moreover, employers should also attempt to provide a solution to the problems that employees are facing. Another secret that great leaders hold is that they ask the employees about the changes they want to see in the workplace.


We understand that you cannot promote an employee every time they do a good job. That is simply not feasible. Furthermore, the employees also understand this. But when I say reward it does not mean giving them a promotion or a physical gift. Instead, it can be a few kind words that show your appreciation. You may think that employees are not waiting to hear these words. But you would be wrong. That is because this is something that can potentially motivate an employee to achieve greatness.

Be Smart When Hiring

Many employers hire individuals solely based on their qualifications. We are not saying there is anything wrong with this. That is because if one does not possess the basic knowledge it is unlikely they will do a great job. But you also need to pay attention to their personality. That is because if you hire like-minded people it would be easy to be productive. They would all share similar work ethics. Therefore it is unlikely there would be conflicts at the workplace.

Creating a positive work culture is not as easy as it sounds. Furthermore, employers need to understand that this is not something they can achieve overnight. But if they are willing to give it all they have then it is possible to create this environment.

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