Maximizing space in your apartment seems impossible to do because many landlords don’t allow tenants to conduct renovation and construction works on the unit. Basically, installing more wall shelves, creating built-in cupboards and adding lofts is not an option for you (except if your landlord gives you permit to do so).


Even if it is impossible to renovate your apartment, there are a few things you can do to maximize the floor space in there. A lot of these would involve decluttering and organizing your stuff, because these are the first steps towards freeing up some space in any type of home.

  • Organize and Label Your Stuff


The most cost-efficient way to maximize space in your apartment is to declutter, file and organize all your things. This includes personal belongings, valuables and important documents like contracts, land titles, deeds, and even birth certificates.


So allot a day where you can sort out all your stuff. As much as possible, throw away things that you don’t really need anymore. Sort your papers and other documents in a filer and label them properly. Same with boxes, sort your stuff there according to category and make sure to label them. Filing and organizing your stuff in boxes can be stacked upon one another, allowing you to save space while storing all your things at the same time.


  • Set Aside Documents and Valuables


If you really want to put your documents and valuables in a safe and secure place, you have three options to choose from. You can either buy a safe vault (with a pin code to lock your valuables in place), go to a bank and ask if they offer a safety deposit box or look for a storage service near your place. Just look for a storage space Singapore service if you are living in that area.


  • Be Creative When It Comes to Divisions


Putting up folding dividers or three-panel dividers are a good way to create divisions in your apartment. They may not take up much space, but there are more efficient and creative ways to draw lines from your apartment. You can also use thick curtains, a string of beads, strings and dreamcatchers to create a division, and so much more. You can divide your rooms in style, and can even save floor space while you’re at it.


Last but not the least, you must avoid clutter. A messy and disorganized home will only eat up space. So avoid keeping in so much stuff in your apartment. If you have no use for a thing, might as well throw it away or have them kept in a storage unit.

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