We all love receiving and giving flowers to one another. The sweetness and freshness that comes with receiving these, cannot be compared to any other gift at all. Yet, maintaining and holding on to these, for as long you can, is the biggest challenge one has. So how can you fight time better for these sweet gifts, well here are some tips to help you out.

Fill in enough water

The most basic way to store any flower hk is to use water. Get out your bunch of flowers and place them in a vase filled with water. Remember the more flowers you have in the arrangement; the more water you are going to need. However also keep in mind to occasionally check up on the water level as well. This way you can refill whenever necessary.

You can use the regular kind of water

Some might argue over what kind of water they have to use to fill such vases with flower bouquet roses. And so according to the experts, while the usual water from the tap is perfectly alright, the filtered kind would be even better. The choice is yours, but remember to fill sufficient!

Cut the drying up stem

Simply placing these arrangements in a vase filled with water and expecting it to last long, isn’t really going to help at all. If you are aiming at making them last longer then you need to go one step further and that starts at the root. Cut of the already cut stem to allow more water to flow in to it and make sure to do so at an angle, to allow a smooth flowing process, and underwater to avoid air bubbles being sucked up and messing up the water sucking process of the stem.

Select the right place

While doing all of the above matters, it is also essential that you select the right place to place these vases in your home. think logically, if it is left closer to heat and sun then it would wither away fast. So be smart about the placement as well!

In addition to the above, make sure that you always choose a clean sterilized vase, and then fill it with water. This way there is a lesser chance for other microbes and bacteria to get in the way of preserving your flowers. Do remember to hold on to the flower food packet that might come with your bouquet as well. Use it to help your flowers stay fresher for longer hours and days by sprinkling it mildly in to the vase where it is soaked in water!

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