When we say art, the first thing that comes to our mind is an artwork or a colorful canvass. We think that it is just the sculptures, statues, paintings, and other pieces of creative displays that we see in the local galleries and, museums. But art is more than just that. It is a part of our life. It is important to us.

We didn’t know how important art is in our individual lives. It has an important role that we don’t often know. We are not aware that we use art on a daily basis. We don’t know how much we rely on art in our daily life. Here are some of them.

In our home

Everyone, literally, every one of us has some sort of art in our home. It can be in a form of painting, a table centerpiece, a framed photograph, and the whole interior home design. It is all an art. We often think that in order to be considered an art, it has to be really appealing and admiring. There are arts that other people don’t understand. But mostly, art represents beauty. And not just beauty, some art is functional too. Start from the decorative tea cups and patterned quilts to the bed decorations. We think that is just a mere decoration but what we don’t know is it’s a form of art.

Self- Expression, and Creativity

We create songs, poems, stories, paintings and artworks to express- express our thoughts, emotions, and feelings. We use it to release emotions we want to express. It allows us to breathe. Art, in the form of music, is also a universal language. Music, believe it or not, uplifts our mood and relaxes our mind. This only proves that art in any form can be a media of communication or a tool for relaxation.

We create different forms of art by the songs we make, stories we create, the way we dance and the artworks we build. These things will not only allow you to create art, but it can also help you make some money out of it. Especially that today in our modern era, technology has helped us reach people from different parts of the world. Using technology and the internet, you can sell and offer your creations to a wide range of people. Example of this is the online art gallery Singapore. You can show your works online that allows you to reach more people from different places. It is not just an art, it can also be a way to earn and at the same time, you’re working on your passion.  You were able to express your emotions.

Creativity is what art taught us. It affects the way we view things. A simple painting can have a deeper meaning that only a few people understand. Art is with us every day. It is permanently embedded in our life.

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