Being the master of ceremonies or being the life of the party is no easy task. It’s more than simply dressing up for an event and speaking confidently. As a professionals service provider a compere needs to first understand the audience. This does not happen easily, so when a project is lined up, the compere has to do a lot of background work to really understand who is attending. This knowledge helps to keep the crowd engaged. Let’s look at some of the other skills that are needed.

  • Researcher: most people can talk and some even talk too much, but being an emcee is not simply about dressing up and getting up on stage and announcing something. It has to do a lot with connecting with the audience. If not why would anyone hire a professional speaker. Therefore a lot of the work starts way before the event takes place. A professionals presenter or speaker needs to know in detail why an even is taking place, what is the special occasion being celebrated and who is attending. If you are introducing guests on stage, additional investigation needs to be done on who they are and why they are important to the event. So as you see a lot of work has to go in before you get on stage.

  • Bilingual emcee: Competency and confidence in speaking in public and fluency of several languages is something every compere tries to achieve. This skill becomes more important especially in very cosmopolitan cities or even countries where a global audience meets. Events in such cities are known to attract visitors from different countries and they all come from different social and cultural backgrounds, therefore knowing what to say and how to say it also becomes very important.


  • Free speech: As a hired professional no one wants to see someonereading off a paper script throughout the function, therefore learning to speak freely is an important skill. Of course you will need to have a few notes in place to help you gather your thoughts, but don’t make it a habit of glancingat the paper ever so often. If this happens you will lose the flow of what you are saying and lose opportunities to connect with the audience.

  • Do not overstay: speakers love their job and they really enjoy being on stage and mingling with people. However as a professional service provider, you need to know when to step off the stage and let the event flow on its own. Hogging the mike without letting anyone else talk is not a good quality. Therefore know when to hand over the reins.Therefore whether the event is a corporate function or a wedding or some other event having these skills will take you far and help you get hired more.
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