The business environment today is a lot different from the way it was a couple of decades ago, and for an entrepreneur with a fresh business idea, life can become a lot more challenging. While financing the start-up, meeting legal requirements and recruiting the right people are all necessary, the single most important necessity for bringing in customers is effective marketing. Marketing and advertising are two activities that must be thought of as investments rather than expenses because of their vitality for the survival of a start-up in this competitive commercial world. In this article, we will look into four simple and cost-effective methods in which you can market your humble start-up to your target customer base.

Be a part of local events

Whether you are operating in your hometown or a different city, the first thing you must do is make your presence known to the potential customers by being present when and where they are. Events in the locality that draws large numbers of locals and other businesses in the area are great occasions for you to make your brand visible to the people and position yourself as a familiar name. This way you can create and maintain a great network of connections that will lay the foundation for your future success.

Digital marketing

In the last ten years, the way people shop for and purchase products and services has truly revolutionized and today, internet is the portal through which we gather information about anything and everything as it is faster, simpler and cheaper. Setting up a website for your star-up will not be too costly and with the right content material, the target audience will surely engage with you. It is also important to make sure that your website will look great on any device because it must fit to the dimensions and sizes of the various smart devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets that the customers may use to browse your website.


Giveaways in the form of simple pens, bottles, caps or t-shirts is one of the best and most effective methods of promoting a brand, and this strategy is adopted by many major corporations. Since your enterprise is only a start-up that deals with a specific marketplace, this measure will not cost you an awful lot. It is up to you to go with something that will be of real use to the clients to make sure that they will benefit from them on a regular basis. Imprinting the brand name and logo into these giveaways will effectively market your business in the marketplace and your clients will become your marketers.


Visuals description is the most effective method of conveying messages as we human beings tend to remember visual content better and engage with them more. When marketing your venture, brief infomercials of 1-2 minutes will be a great way to inform your potential customers about your enterprise, how you are different and special offers and discounts that you may offer.

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