You must have finally been called in for an interview at your dream company and now all you need to do is seal the deal. It is very important that you make a lasting impression on the panel. You need to showcase your competencies, skills and experience so that they see you fit for the job. Here are a few important steps you can follow to make sure you ace the interview.

  1. Research the organization

You need to vital facts about the company you are hoping to join. Seek background information by visiting the company website; know their vision and mission, their products, processes, client base etc. so whenever they ask such as question, you will stand out from the under-prepared candidates. Read recent news about them to show that you are updated. Prepare some questions to ask them too about the company and industry.

  1. Compare your skills and prepare documents

Look at the advertisement they had put up on your job seeker app Singapore and compare each qualification and competence they have requested. You need to be well aware of the job description and where the job fits in the hierarchy, so that you know if your qualifications are adequate. Prepare what you need to take with you which usually include a copy of your CV, your certificates, portfolio of previous work, a notepad with a pen and anything else especially requested such as a medical report or clearance report.

  1. Decide what to wear

Most interviewers build the first impression on you as soon as you walk in to the room. So your dress code matters immensely. Go for neutral colours such as white, cream, pale blue etc. Your total outfit needs to look professional so girls, do not wear skirts which are too short. Iron your clothes well and make sure the overall appearance is pleasant; with neatly combed hair and a soft perfume. Most importantly, wear a smile. You need to greet them well so that they feel comfortable too.

  1. Focus on non-verbal communication

Your interviewers are smart enough to judge you based on everything you put up there. So, don’t just focus on what you say, focus on your body language too. They may observe you from the minute you walk in so remember to behave in the waiting room even though the wait is long. Project confidence through a firm handshake and maintain eye contact. Control your facial expressions thoroughly. They may say some things that you may not agree upon, but do not make faces. Disagree politely by placing your opinion.

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