For those of you have no idea what a dashboard camera is, here’s a quick introduction. A dashboard camera is essentially a camera with a fisheye lens which helps to record, everything that goes on in front of your vehicle. This miniature camera could be fixed/placed on your dashboard or could be stabilized, hanging from the interior of your windshield. It helps you keep track of all activities which occur while you’re driving, and can even help for future references. A dashboard camera could even be placed as a rearview camera which will help you to get a 360 perspective of what’s going on while you’re on the road.

Here are some other benefits of using a dashboard camera.


One of the main purposes of having a dashboard camera for both the rear as well as front view is to ensure the safety of your vehicle and all of its belongings. Some cameras on the market operate with 24 hour battery systems which help your camera to operate all day long. This will enable you to monitor the activity around your vehicle at all times. Especially if there seems to be a potential robbery of the components of your vehicles, a dashboard camera could be extremely useful. It can even provide benefits such as identifying the face of a thief when and where the action happens. This will in turn definitely help to safeguard your vehicle from potential threats.


Another important instant when dashboard cameras prove to be extremely useful is in the event of an accident. Whether this accident may involve a person or simply another vehicle, a dash-cam will be able to track the exact events of that accident which will help in legal cases against you. (That’s of course if you’re not guilty). For example, if you were to hit a pedestrian who was crossing the road, but not on a pedestrian crossing, the footage from your dash-cam maybe able to prove your innocence in a court of law.


Once again in the event of an accident, you may be even able to claim insurance from insurance companies, if the accident wasn’t your fault. Most vehicle insurance companies don’t really compensate for any damages, without major proof that you really didn’t wreck your vehicle. In this case, the footage from your Dashboard camera maybe extremely useful. This footage may be able to save you from expensive compensations for your damaged vehicle which will of course be extremely beneficial!

Rear View Cameras

Dashboard cameras also come in the form of rear view cameras. The best rear view camera will be able to give you a complete view of what’s going around your vehicle. This may also be beneficial when reversing, as it may help you to avoid many accidents that may occur when reversing a vehicle. A rear view camera may also help you to navigate your vehicle when reversing through thin space with no room.

Thus installing a rear view as well as front view dashboard camera will benefit your vehicle in many ways and also help you avoid a lot of unnecessary accidents and theft.

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