If you are anything like me you may have more clothes than you need. That is because you don’t only purchase clothes when you visit a store. But you also cannot say no to a sale. This, therefore, means that you visit every single sale on the land. Thereafter irrespective of whether you will wear it or not you will purchase items simply because it’s cheap. Thus, what happens is that your closet gets filled to the brim with unwanted clothes. We understand that this is a problem many individuals suffer from. But many also don’t know what to do with these clothes. Some people think that they can earn their money back by selling them. But selling used clothes is not as easy as it sounds.

Assess Each Item

We understand that if you have the business sense of teo yen koon desmond you would not want to donate all your clothes. Therefore that is why we recommend that you first clear out your entire closet. Thereafter you can proceed to create three piles of clothes. One pile can contain all the clothes that you want to keep. But before creating this pile make sure that you really wear these clothes. A rule of thumb that one should follow is that if they haven’t worn them in 6 months they should not keep them. The second pile should contain the items that you want to donate. The third and final pile should contain all the items that you want to sell. But before creating this pile understand that you can only use brand new items.

Thus, after creating these piles make sure to go through every item in the donation pile. If the items are torn you should simply throw them out. The same can be said if they have a stain that you cannot remove. That is because even if you are giving these items to the poor you need to make sure they are wearable.

Launder The Items

We understand that many of you don’t launder every item you have in your closet. This may be because you have not worn half of the items there. But if you are thinking about donating make sure to launder them. That is because you cannot give people clothes that are dirty or smelly. After you launder the items you need to go through the items again. That is because we can guarantee that you will find items that are unwearable. These are items that contain stains even after you wash them. Therefore again these items should be thrown away.

Now one would understand the factors they should keep in mind when donating clothes.

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