If you are a student who is planning on starting your university life in the near future, you must be feeling very excited and equally nervous at the same time. It is totally okay for you to feel this way because it is a major chapter of your life for and the experiences and the knowledge you gain from your life at the uni will greatly influence the rest of your life.

If you are moving to Singapore from another country to complete your higher education here, the whole cultural change can come as a bit of shock to you and certain cases, students find it very difficult to get accustomed to this context. In this article, we will look into a few simple things that you can do to prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

Join the orientation program

Starting a life in a whole new country, which is so much more different that where you grew up cab be a really challenging task. The orientation programs conducted by universities are there to assist you with this daunting task by providing you with loads of useful information and opportunities to help you adjust. You will get the chance to interact with lots of interesting individuals and perhaps make some friends who might remain your besties for a very long time. Your seniors will let you ask them questions about the country or your neighborhood and you must obtain all the information from where the nearest hospital is to where it is possible to get an iMac repair Singapore done.

Make the best of social media

For someone like you who must interact with as many course mates as possible in the little time available for it, social media will prove to be a very helpful tool that will bring you closer to everyone you need to know. In addition to the interaction purposes, it is also a great way to gain information about course work and share notes and additional study materials.

If there is digital learning environment for the course that you follow, constantly check it for updates and important news that might be important to you.

Teach yourself how to cook

After years of munching down the good food cooked by your mother, it’s finally time to teach yourself a thing or two to keep your belly full when your all by yourself and miles away from home. Besides, too much take away will not only make you unhealthy, but it will also run you broke real quick. Therefore, get some cooking tips to whip up some of your favorite, simple dishes before you set off.



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