There was a time in history when people needed to have that immense capital cost to initiate a business. But today, with just a cheap smart phone, you could be running the country’s biggest online business. In fact, that is the sheer reason why entrepreneurs were gifted with options like these. Since that would help them to make them presence in the market without having to send a lot of money on unnecessary things. If you already have a Whatsapp for your business, then congratulations – you are ahead of the line. But how to go further?

Here’s how by 4 tips.

  1. Choose the chatbots use wisely

Even if you don’t have a lot of employees, or no employees to begin with, the chatbots can take care of a large number of customers simultaneously. Because for each chat, the same bot can be used to deal with customers independently. But what you have to be careful is on the questions that you forward them and the options of answers. If you had a poor knowledge on what people really want, then you can blame it on the bot for being incompetent. That’s why you need to do some more research on what people need.

  • Be prepared to live up to the displayed expectations

If you have listed a time period that the business’ whatsapp api would be opened up for the clients, make sure that it functions. If there is an option for a line to directly contact a representative, you should make sure that the line doesn’t ring for too long. You should always keep the simple theories of marketing and business as whole in your mind – treat every customer as if they are your first and you will see how your clientele grows faster.

  • Engineer the methods with professional help

Although you might be able to start things simple, innocent and minor, but if you want to make a difference, you should go big. In doing that, you’re going to need professional help. Because in the end of the day, the guidance and the services of professionals who have been delaying with a large number of clients can certainly help you to make a difference. However, you should make sure that their options are feasible in the context of your business. That’s why more tailor made solutions would do the job.

  • Be open to customer opinions on the features

Your customers are the ones who understand whether you are doing a great job or not. This is why you need to be open to what they have to say. Accepting or ignoring is a choice but total disregarding of opinions like these isn’t really wise if you want to blend in the society.

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