Being in charge of a department at a business means that you have to also be in charge of the people in the department. If the employees who work under you are together with each other in terms of solidarity and unity, you know that the work that needs to be done gets done smoothly. If this isn’t the case, though, you will know  by now that workplace disagreements are common and inconvenient to all, and work rarely gets done smoothly. You need to fix this somehow; there are a few options available to you, given below.

Making Things Fun

Something you can do is remove these people from a work environment and get them to do something out of their ordinary routine in pairs or in sets of four or five. This could be as simple as taking them all to a mall and asking them to find a particular thing – the first bunch of people to find it wins.

You can also take things up a notch and take them to a team building venue Singapore – there are culinary school that you can find online, that teaches people to get along via cooking. This is interesting and symbolic as well – when they work together to create a dish, they get to reap the benefits by eating what they cooked at the end of the exercise. Since it’s food and almost everyone finds food interesting, this will probably be a successful venture, should you wish to pursue it.

You can also take them camping somewhere secluded and away from the bustle of city life – you can call it a retreat and get them to work together to make each other and themselves comfortable. This sort of exercise puts them in uncomfortable situations together, which will probe them to work together for the most part – this also enables them the time they would otherwise spend looking at their phones to talk to each other and find out mutual interests and beliefs.

Workplace Shenanigans

If you want to improve coexistence within the workplace itself, you can always try organizing simple activities and getting your employees to work in pairs to get something non-work related done. Since the tension surrounding work doesn’t exist, they will approach the task differently and relate to it in a different way. You can also put two people who don’t see eye to eye in charge of overall discipline of the department and watch them fit in with each other for the sake of fulfilling their new roles.

Productivity at the workplace significantly increases when employees work together – what you do to achieve this goal is entirely up to you.

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